“If you were to ask ‘the kids’ what styles of music they are feeling these days, you’re likely to get a number of responses. EDM, Hip Hop, Trap. What you might not expect to hear is ‘jazz fusion.’ Still, the young bucks in local quartet the Ferenjis have taken to the streets with their own brand of soulful, modern jazz-rock.  While self described as ‘Garage funk,’ the Ferenjis’ synthesizer licks and streamlined grooves bring to mind futuristic urban skylines more than gritty, beer soaked basements.”

Joshua Blanchard, Salem Weekly News, Oct. 12th 2018



Trevor Fischer

Trevor is a multi-instrumentalist and composer with experience in a wide variety of genres. He started playing the cello and guitar at the age of 10, and has learned more than enough instruments for a one-man band. He currently works at Northwest School of Music as a music instructor, and hopes to make enough money to fuel his addiction for vinyl records.

Hometown: Salem, Or
Plays: Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Influences: Carlos Santana, Dave Grohl, FKJ, Mario Camarena, Michael League, Plini, Tom Misch, Tom Morello, Tim Henson
Smash Bros: Jigglypuff

andrew 3.gif

Andrew Norman

Norman has played keys since the age of five, and has picked up a plethora of other instruments along the way. He currently teaches music at Abiqua Academy in South Salem, and has been teaching privately for the past six years. He’s been married for just over a year, and enjoys most of the PNW clichés: hiking, reading, and killer coffee.

Hometown: Federal Way, WA
Plays: Keys/Synths
Influences: Herbie Hancock, Cory Henry, Exmag, Trio Subtonic, Chick Corea, Thelonious Monk
Smash Bros: Captain Falcon


Peter Ellis

Peter started learning piano at five years old, flute at eleven, sax at twelve, drums at fifteen, and bass recently. Jazz has been his musical home for most of that time, though he believes all genres are capable of producing good songs. He also believes in frost giants.

Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Plays: Drums, Bass, Vocals
Influences: Streetlight Manifesto, Mae, Count Basie, Underøath, Tom Waits
Smash Bros: Mewtwo

jason dive.gif

Jason Pluemke

Jason has been playing drums since he was 10 years old and hasn’t stopped trying to pick up other instruments since. his fascination with gear continues to push him into all sorts of musical avenues including recording, producing, sound design, and film scoring.

Hometown: Eagle Creek, OR
Plays: Drums, Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Influences: Relient K, Earth Wind & Fire, Average White Band, Elton John, Exmag, Koan Sound
Smash Bros: Link