The Ferenjis



Salem Thirty Three

The Ferenjis interview with Salem Thirty Three. They talk about the band, “The Ferenjis” album Release show, and the 2019 summer tour.

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Spotlight On Salem

The Ferenjis are interviewed on CCTV’s Spotlight On Salem, Hosted by Mike Kemper, Followed by live performances of “B-side”, “Appreciate”, and “Duro”.




“If you were to ask ‘the kids’ what styles of music they are feeling these days, you’re likely to get a number of responses. EDM, Hip Hop, Trap. What you might not expect to hear is ‘jazz fusion.’ Still, the young bucks in local quartet, the Ferenjis have taken to the streets with their own brand of soulful, modern jazz-rock.  While self described as ‘Garage funk,’ the Ferenjis’ synthesizer licks and streamlined grooves bring to mind futuristic urban skylines more than gritty, beer soaked basements.”

Written by Joshua Blanchard for Salem Thirty Three (Formerly Salem Weekly). Continue Reading here